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Let us help you and your group become more productive in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerBI, SQL, Teams, PowerApps, and other software apps. Private webinars and live on-sight training is available for you and your group.

Upcoming Live Webinars

7/17/20241:30 PMExcelUsing ChatGpt with Excel
7/18/20241:00 PMExcelExcel Pivot Tables
7/18/20243:00 PMExcelExcel Tips & Tricks,-pivot-charts,-slicers,-and-timelines-506322LIVE
7/19/20241:00 PMPowerBIGetting Great Results with PowerBI
7/22/20241:00 PMTeamsUsing Teams to be more Productive
7/22/20243:00 PMExcelExcel Pivot Tables,-pivot-charts,-slicers,-and-timelines-506322LIVE
8/6/20241:00 PMExcelExcel Tips & Tricks
8/6/20243:00 PMExcelExcel Pivot Tables
8/9/202411:00 AMExcelExcel 4 Hour Bootcamp – Managing Data,-power-query,-pivot-tables,-and-powerpivot-506309LIVE
8/14/20243:00 PMExcelExcel Power Query and Power Pivot
8/16/20241:00 PMExcelExcel Tips & Tricks
8/19/202411:00 AMExcelExcel 4 Hour Bootcamp
8/20/20241:00 PMExcelUsing ChatGpt with Excel
8/20/20243:00 PMExcelExcel Formulas & FunctionsNo Link Yet
8/26/20241:00 PMExcelExcel Pivot Tables,-pivot-charts,-slicers,-and-timelines-506330LIVE
9/5/20241:00 PMExcelExcel Pivot Tables
9/6/20241:00 PMExcelExcel Tips & TricksNo Link Yet
9/11/20241:00 PMExcelExcel Pivot Tables
9/11/20243:00 PMExcelExcel Power Query and Power Pivot
9/17/20242:00 PMPowerPointBringing Your Powerpoint Presentations to Life
9/19/20241:00 PMExcelUsing ChatGpt with Excel
9/19/20243:00 PMExcelExcel Tips & Tricks
9/25/20243:00 PMExcelExcel Pivot Tables,-pivot-charts,-slicers,-and-timelines-506350LIVE
10/11/20241:00 PMExcelExcel Formulas & Functions
10/31/20241:00 PMExcelExcel Pivot Using ChatGpt with Excel
11/13/20241:00 PMExcelExcel Pivot Tables–and–pivot-charts-number-crunching-made-easy?preview=1
11/25/20241:00 PMExcelUsing ChatGpt with Excel